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Our Diet Program

The Choc’N Shape Diet Program has been designed by a comprehensive team of doctors including cardiologists and sports medicine specialists, dietitians, and international chefs, with a goal to achieve a healthier and attainable change to eating habits. This is not a diet only, but instead, it is a nutrition program based on scientific evidence to assist with life-long changes in eating habits and healthier living.


A successful healthy diet meal program requires planning and perseverance. Try not to alter or change the basics so the results will be maximized.  


The more you learn about some basics of nutrition terminology and concepts, such as food groups (carbs, protein, fats), calories, fiber content, etc… the better, as it will be helpful for the long run when you will choose yourself what you should or should not eat. Being educated is very helpful, but being “paranoid” is not! The Choc’N Shape and the Choc’N Shape Diet are designed to help you re-educate your eating habits in a healthy and sustainable way!


In order for this program to succeed, cooking will be needed. We suggest the purchase of some basic cooking tools to ensure that the results of this plan will be life long lasting. The equipment is generally simple and relatively cheap, easily found in the stores or online. 


Recommended Equipment:

  • Food Processor or Blender

  • Sauté Pan or Wok

  • Rice Cooker or Steamer

  • Measuring Tools

  • Indoors and/or Outdoor Grill

General Considerations about the Choc’N Shape Diet


Meal Preparation:

Any cooking oil may be used to prepare meals, however, olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil or sunflower oil are healthier options.  Avoid canola or non-vegetable oil. 

Choosing carbohydrate options: Whole grain bread is preferred, avoid white flour. All bran and granola are high in fiber and therefore good cereal options. Preferred rice options: wild grain or brown. 

Avoid butter. If necessary, use 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Good choices for seasoning: salt, vinegar, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, curry, lemon, oregano, and mustard. Avoid: mayonnaise, sausage, fried food, fast-food, extra fat on meat options. Avoid alcohol in any early stages of diet. 

Recommended quantity will be provided in cups or ounces (1 cup = 8 oz).  

When there is no time to prepare a meal, there are emergency options. The goal will be to use this as little as possible as nutritional value is not comparable, but calorie count has been incorporated.  As examples, 

Protein shake + 1 fruit item

Box ready: such as Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones Meals (less than 400 calorie/box). 


Key Points:

Goal of ½ gallon (64oz) of water daily, with a schedule to drink 1-2 glasses of water 20 minutes prior to each meal. No limitation to tea and coffee but must be prepared only with sweeteners (sugar substitutions), preferred stevia based.

The layout of meals and snacks is a key part to success with the program. The goal is to eat every 2-3 hours to stimulate metabolism. This is why the “snack” category is important even if you do not feel hungry.  That should be also the time to take your morning and afternoon doses of Choc’N Shape capsules.

Dinner should be more than 3 hours before bedtime. 

Try to avoid distractions while eating, such as TV, as this can lead to over eating and eating too quickly. Slow pace allows for satiety to set in. 

Whenever you are hungry – refer to “as desired” list for options. Avoid bananas, watermelon, grapes, and potatoes. 

For now, follow the menu as instructed and use our substitution list to customize the meals. 


Combine both diet and exercise for the ultimate goal of weight loss. It is a not just a temporary modification, but a lifestyle change. Our plan is a jump-start to that change and as the program progresses, more of your favorite foods might be incorporated in your daily menu. 


Meals and Snacks Options:

The Choc’N Shape Diet program has a suggested daily menu, which has been made as simple and efficient as possible to optimize your time (so you do not have to spend too much time to prepare it). The simplest way to cook and get good food with a controlled amount of calories has been suggested there. Our human nature, however, always wants some changes at least once in a while, and our team has worked to create options that we bring to you in the “options“ section. 

The recipes that we suggest here are to substitute the whole meal (lunch or dinner). Soup or salads are still ok to eat besides the option meal. 

Besides been delicious and nutritive, it is also elaborated to keep you up with the diet plan. 

The options have been designed to request, as time for preparation, no more than 35 minutes of inexperienced hands in the kitchen. You will need minimum cooking techniques for the option recipes that are not only satisfying but are also delicious, fun, convenient, affordable, eye appealing, and habit forming. In other words, you will not have to dedicate more than 35 minutes to prepare each of the recipes, and besides that, you can save a portion for your next meal (for example, if you cook at night time for dinner, you can save a portion for the next day lunch) and thus you cook once for 2 meals. A key of your success will depend on planning your meals ahead so the results will be timely and satisfying.  

The Choc’N Shape Diet plan is already set up in a way that you will prepare your dinner one night and save a portion for your next lunch (for example, if you eat fish in tonight’s dinner you will save a portion for tomorrow’s lunch), so you save time to prepare your meals and can continue using your time for your daily living activities.

The meals recipes can be repeated, but respect the portion size. Remember that common sense is the secret for any diet plan to work.

Get the Choc'N Shape Diet Booklet with the Daily Menu Diet Plan, Challenge Days Diet and the Delicious Chefs' Recipes !

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