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The CHOC' N SHAPE program has the CHOC' N SHAPE DIET, a diet plan with awesome meals that will put you in the right path and forever change your life.

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“After 3 months I lost 32 pounds. With Choc'N Shape and the recommended diet I am healthier and I don't feel the need to eat as much as before. ”


—  Persis Melo, Engineer


CHOC'N SHAPE is more than a weight loss program and more than just a diet. It is a changing habit aide that is good for your health.  Its  antioxidant formula helps you to control your appetite.

No more cravings. Choose what you eat without going crazy!

The great news: 

  • This formula has proven results that were tested in professional laboratories. It is also physicians approved and recommended because you can lose weight with fat loss and be in shape forever.

The CHOC'N SHAPE program has a diet plan:

  • The CHOC'N SHAPE DIET, with awesome meals that will put you in the right path and change your life for good !

The CHOC'N SHAPE DIET has been developed by physicians, dietitian, physiologist and finalized with Chefs recipes for a diet that is healthy, delicious and  tasty.



Each person respond differently to a diet plan. That is why our team of experts at New Birth Bioproducts developed the CHOC'N SHAPE DIET Program. The natural formula of CHOC'N SHAPE helps you suppress your appetite and also boosts your energy. The CHOC'N SHAPE DIET complements it as gives directions on how to create healthy and sustainable eating habits!


By exercising properly and eating a balanced diet, CHOC'N SHAPE is the best solution for you to lose weight and to keep it controlled. It also helps you keep your heart in great condition!


You are not alone. The Nutritionists and Doctors behind CHOC'N SHAPE developed this impressive natural formula that helps you improve the chances of achieving the desired results in a fast and healthy manner.




Current modern lifestyle brings comfort but at same time has promoted the weight gain levels a concerning public health fact, and makes the weight loss process much harder. Obesity and overweight has become epidemic in the past decades in the western countries. Associated, it brings other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Those problems lead to worse complications as heart attacks, stroke and heart failure, just to mention a few.


After clinical observation and experience with patients with those metabolic problems and such difficulties to correct them, mainly due to inability to control food intake and control body weight, we created CHOC'N SHAPE.

CHOC'N SHAPE as well as its ingredients have been extensively studied. Our team of researchers and clinical physicians, biochemistries and dietitians has elaborated, tested and improved the formula over years of experience.

Research projects were performed in animals and humans, and the clinical results have been a success!


CHOC'N SHAPE was created by a multi-specialty team with medical doctors, biochemistries and dietitians.

CHOC'N SHAPE helps you to lose weight reducing your appetite, increasing your energy level, improving your mood and may also improve your heart health through antioxidants.

Our research took in consideration clinical experience from internal medicine, cardiologists and sports medicine doctors.  

Current lifestyle prioritizes time optimization and in many cases implies less time for physical activities and to prepare our own homemade meals harvested from nature. Processed and even pre-prepared meals are a reality that we have to accept in the modern daily basis. The main variable that we can act against now is portion control and calories control. Invariably, to control the appetite is such a challenge.

Despite of trying one of many available diet plans, trying different work out activities and even medication to lose weight and improve body weight, majority of patients still suffer from failure to achieve goals.  Unfortunately, the unstoppable appetite, cravings, the intake escapes, and lack of portion control are the main reason for those bad results.

CHOC'N SHAPE will help with that last factor that need to be managed in order to achieve success: the appetite control.


Important to note that CHOC'N SHAPE helps appetite control but, of course, a healthy diet plan and physical activity are part of the comprehensive management of any weight loss program.

CHOC'N SHAPE comes with a proposed diet plan designed by dietitians, chefs and medical doctors to follow along. It includes foods and products that you are familiar with and easy to find. Easy to prepare meals and tasty, so you do not get bored with repetitive boring meals. If you already have your preferred diet plan, you can just continue it.

Physical activity is the third part of the plan that is also very important to help you achieving your goals.


Cocoa, the main component of CHOC'N SHAPE, used to be called by the millenary Inca culture as  “the drink of gods”, given the many benefits it brings. Cocoa has been studied for several years and was found to have multiple properties. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can promote a number of effects on human body. It improves the mood, increases your energy level, decreases appetite, prevent premature aging and protects your cardiovascular health improving blood circulation. It decreases your chances of having a heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

You might have seen dark chocolates around advertised as "heart healthy", but the truth is, chocolate is made from processed cocoa. Differently than the cocoa found in dark chocolate, which contains dairy, sugar and other processed ingredients, CHOC'N SHAPE contains raw cocoa, which conserves all antioxidant properties from the bean, maximizing its effect in your body. 

The CHOC'N SHAPE natural formula was based on the Amazon forest natives' knowledge, where obesity does not exist. Then our scientific research team prepared a meticulous combination, with specifications to achieve the goal of: decrease appetite, promote weight loss, increase your stamina and keep your heart healthy.


Cocoa has properties to protect your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Several complex antioxidants are found in raw cocoa. Cocoa is one of the richest fruit in polyphenols and contains Flavanols, an anti-inflammatory and heart protective phenol that may protect against cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, renal vascular disease and helps to reduce LDL, the “bad cholesterol”.

Although vast information is available in the medical literature, these above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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